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Our Brands 

Below are links to the web sites of the Manufacturers whom we represent. For more information about the products found on the sites, contact us today.

Trust Kemper to deliver the design flexibility you want, the price breadth you need and the service you deserve, in one simple, complete brand experience. Kemper philosophy blends all the benefits of modern engineering with enduring elegance. Since 1926, we have been helping consumers reflect their personal style while providing a quality guarantee that protects their investment for a lifetime. Our products are built to last, priced to fit and easy to order. Kemper is the product of heavy-duty thinking and can be personalized with nearly unlimited options to meet your needs. Kemper allows customers to store more, save more, and worry less. 


        -Modern Engineering (Versatile array of woods, finishes, moldings, and options) 

        -Enduring Elegance (Rich heritage of providing traditional designs that meet                              individual's needs) 

        -Ideas that work (Beauty, functionality, and affordability)

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