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Our Brands 

Below are links to the web sites of the Manufacturers whom we represent. For more information about the products found on the sites, contact us today.

Trust Diamond to deliver the design flexibility you want, the price breadth you need and the service you deserve. In one simple, complete brand experience. Diamond puts innovation to work.  The cabinetry is ergonomically designed, so it functions for virtually anyone.  Organizational features help you bring order to your whole home.  It’s built to last a stunning to look at. Our rich colors and finish options allow you to achieve the room that inspires your home. When you take intelligent design and add great styling, you end up with a very logical cabinetry solution.


         -Innovation (Providing functional flexibility to meet changing needs)

         -Living Solutions (Ergonomic designs that make life easier and are built to last)

         -Inspired Colors (Stunning colors and inspired ideas to freshen the home)

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