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Our Brands 

Below are links to the web sites of the Manufacturers whom we represent. For more information about the products found on the sites, contact us today.


About MasterBrand Cabinets

  • A leading cabinet manufacturer in North America with local to national distribution

  • A key operating company of Fortune Brands, a leading consumer brands company

  • Founded in 1954, operating as MasterBrand Cabinets since 1998

  • A complete portfolio of brands from ready –to-assembly to custom

  • Strategically positioned in all channels of distribution

  • Headquartered in Jasper, IN with additional offices, manufacturing plants and hubs located regionally across the U.S. and Canada.

MasterBrand Cabinets-3 Unique Industry Advantages
1.      Power of Portfolio
       1.    Consumer and Designer Inspired Product Development
       2.    Complete Spectrum of Product and Pricing Solutions
       3.    Environmental Sustainability Commitment
       4.    National, Regional, and Local Market Distribution

2.      Operational Excellence
       1.    Deliver On-Time and Complete…Anywhere
       2.    Meet or Exceed Quality Expectations
       3.    Flexible, Responsive Global Supply Chain
       4.    Proven Performance and Service Leadership

3.      Customer and Consumer Champion
       1.    Supporting Business Partner’s Needs
       2.    Enabling Designers
       3.    Industry’s Best Customer Service
       4.    Local Market Selling Expertise

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