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Cindy Trimble and Team

Studio Trimble, Inc.

We greatly appreciate all of Adam's support, the time he has taken to educated us on the cabinet business and being available to walk us through the process. 

Carol Krick

Atlanta Flooring Design Centers 

Adam went above and beyond his job description. Without a designer on staff, I'd be lost to help the customer without him. 

Melinda Pearson

Remodeling Expo Center

I consider Adam one of the best product reps in the business. I order from so many vendors and he is hands down the most responsive rep I deal with. He is  always quick to answer his phone, return a phone call or answer an email. That is very important in this business with so many moving parts. I just wanted to take a moment out of my afternoon to sing his praises. 

Mike Volan

After Market Cabinets Solutions 

Adam has been our account rep and has done a tremendous job helping people with their cabinet needs. 

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